Validation of an Australian academic stress questionnaire

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Lakaev, N. (2009). Validation of an Australian academic stress questionnaire. Australian journal of guidance and counselling, 19(1), 56-70.

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© Copyright Natasha Lakaev, 2009


The aim of the study was to establish the Lakaev Academic Stress Response Scale (LASRS; Lakaev, 2006) as a valid and reliable measure of stress responses. The sample consisted of 375 Bond University students from several countries (142 Australia, 5 New Zealand, 68 United States, 8 Canada, 65 Asian, 66 Europe and 21 other) and from various levels of tertiary education (266 undergraduate and 109 postgraduate). Participants completed six self-report questionnaires that related to, acculturative stress, somatic stress symptoms, academic stress, stress responses, extraversion and general stress in order to determine convergent and divergent validity. The LASRS was shown to have sound psychometric properties and was suggested to be a sound way of measuring academic stress responses, particularly for Australian students. The results are discussed in terms of past tertiary academic stress research and suggestions for future investigations.

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