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February 2001

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Journal Article

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Paul Wilson, Robyn Lincoln, Michelle Mustchin (2001) Strategies to Integrate and Co-ordinate Victims of Crime Services. Centre for Applied Psychology and Criminology, Bond University, Gold Coast. (February 2001)
© Centre for Applied Psychology and Criminology 2001

This report was commissioned by Families, Youth and Community Care Queensland, November 2000


This report provides recommendations on potential improvements that may assist in unifying the current delivery of support services for victims of crime in Queensland. The suggestions are aimed at developing a strategy for an integrated and coordinated system that has two main goals:

(A)to enhance access and equity across all services for all crime victims; and

(B)to continue the current specialised services for those with specific needs.

These recommendations are based on the premise that there exist currently some excellent specialised services for victims of crime, and that these need to be preserved and further developed in the future. Victims needs are still evolving and a diverse range of services and needs are required.(1) The recommendations are also proposed on the basis that there is limited research on crime victims’ needs and almost no evaluation of available services and so there is scope within the proposed strategy to engage in research and evaluation. Finally, these recommendations are framed within a context which recognises that there are finite funds available, so the strategy is geared toward eliminating duplication of services where they may occur.

This report was commissioned by Families, Youth and Community Care Queensland in November 2000. The brief was to provide strategic policy advice that would encompass identification of gaps in the service system to assist in the targeting of future resources, provide examples of innovative service models, provide best practice examples, to ensure efficient and effective departmental responses, and to provide suggestions for developing an integrated and coordinated service system in Queensland for victims of crime.(3)

The methodological approach involved research and review of secondary sources on victims of crime services from published and internet materials both in Australia and internationally. It also comprised telephone contact with the key service providers in the State. These included the six main victims of crime services that Families, Youth and Community Care Queensland provide funding for, namely - Central Queensland Community Legal Centre, Men Affected by Rape and Sexual Abuse, MICAH, Protect all Children Today, Queensland Homicide Victims Support Group and the Victim of Crime Association Queensland. The Department of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Policy and Development and Queensland Health were also contacted.



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