Open for business: Australian uranium for sale!

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Murray, S. (2007). Open for business: Australian uranium for sale! In A. Cullen & S. Murray (Eds.). The Globalization of World Politics: Case Studies from Australia, New Zealand and the Asia Pacific (pp. 84-87). South Melbourne: Oxford University Press.

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Fossil fuels negatively contribute to global warming and climate change. While the short-term impact of nuclear energy is more positive, it is no less controversial in terms of climate change. According to the Director of International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), Mohamed El Baradei, investing in nuclear energy technologies is particularly attractive to developing countries where energy demand outstrips energy supply and 'energy security, air pollution and greenhouse gases are priorities' (IAEA 2006). Nuclear weapons proliferation, and environmental safety, however, remain as global concerns. As a result, nuclear energy technologies and uranium exports to fuel that technology continue to attract controversy.

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