Book review: Whose university is it, anyway? Power and privilege on gendered terrain

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Kinash, S. (2009). [Review of the book Whose university is it, anyway? Power and privilege on gendered terrain, by A. Wagner, S. Acker & K. Mayuzumi (Eds.)]. Higher education research and development, 28(4), 457-465.

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What is this book about? This book is about the diversity of human experience. It is about how we must explore our own unique, situated contexts and our own personal narratives in order to live equitably with others. It is about differences and sameness. It is about the day-to-day experiences and negotiated meaning that reflect outwards beyond our single selves to resonate with others. Specifically, this book is primarily written by and about women studying and working in higher education in Canada. I believe that the thesis of the book is succinctly stated in Chapter 5, by Wagner, one of the book's editors:

Drawing upon a fundamental feminist belief that education and curriculum are sites of struggle and teaching and learning are political acts, the goal then becomes to replace accepted ways of thinking with a framework grounded in a vision of social justice.(p. 100)

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