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Petherick, W. (2009). Where to from here? In W. Petherick (Ed.), Serial crime: Theoretical and practical issues in behavioral profiling (pp. 213-234). Burlington, MA: Elsevier Academic Press.

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The history of profiling is easy to trace - after all, it has already been recorded and is available for review (see Chapter 1; Petherick, 2003; Turvey, 2008). The future of profiling is another story entirely. Given the nature of the craft and the advances made in recent years, it stands to reason that only further improvements will be made. At least, this should be our hope.

An increase in use in the real world is matched by an increase in the number of scholarly works dedicated to the field. Most provide a general overview of profiling (Ainsworth, 2001; Jackson & Bekerian, 1997), with others providing a more in-depth examination of particular methods (Rossmo, 2000; Turvey, 2008). Apart from a few peripheral discussions on practical issues, few dedicate much time to the more pragmatic issues of professionalization, the scientific method, research, ethics, accountability, and education and training.

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