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Sharpley, C. F., Bitsika, V., & Christie, D. H. R. (2008). Psychological distress among prostate cancer patients: Fact or fiction? Clinical medicine insights: Oncology 2008:2, 563-572.

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© Copyright Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika & David H. R. Christie, 2008

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Although the detrimental effect upon psychological well-being of receiving a diagnosis of, or treatment for, cancer has been demonstrated across many different types of cancer, three recent reviews of the psychological health of prostate cancer patients have produced contradictory conclusions. In order to elucidate the reasons for these apparent different conclusions, each of these reviews is described, with principal methods and fi ndings summarised. Actual data, methodology used to select/reject research studies for inclusion in reviews, plus the validity of strict methodological culling of some research studies are discussed. Several extra studies and commentaries are also described, and a resolution of the apparent contradictory review conclusions is offered.

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