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Barling, N.R., Lehman M. (1999) Young men's awareness, attitudes and practice of testicular self-examination: a health action process approach. Psychology, Health & Medicine, Vol. 4 (3) pp 255-263.

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One-hundred-and-one Australian university students aged 18-25 years, with a mean age of 22. 9 years (SD = 1.62) completed a survey assessing testicular self-examination, and knowledge of testicular cancer, d statistically significant difference was found in knowledge scores between performers and non-performers. The factors influencing performance of testicular self-examination were examined using Schwarzer's (1992) Health Action Process Approach as the theoretical framework. Results showed that the majority of men were uninformed or misinformed about testicular cancer and testicular self-examination. Eighty-three per cent of respondents did not perform testicular self-examination once per month as recommended. Intention, outcome expectancies and self-efficacy were the best predictors of testicular self-examination performance. Findings provided some support for the Health Action Process Approach.



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