Towards an enhanced understanding of diplomacy as the business of peace

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Murray, S. (2009). Towards an enhanced understanding of diplomacy as the business of peace. In N. Gertz (Ed.), War fronts: Interdisciplinary perspectives on war, virtual war and human security (pp. 117-138). Oxford: Inter-Displinary Press.

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Abstract: In this paper it is proposed that the traditional view of diplomacy is an archaic vision of the ‘engine room of international relations.’ This rhetoric, it is argued, is parochial and does not match the realities of the modern, twenty-first century diplomatic environment where plural, peaceful and polylateral networks of diplomacy are thriving. In the modern diplomatic environment, the activity of diplomacy should be viewed as the business of multi-actor peace, not only as the handmaiden of the occasionally belligerent state. New, radical and innovative views on diplomacy are flooding the diplomacy studies field. This paper will summarise these views into three distinct Schools of diplomatic thought - Traditional, Nascent and Innovative - which allude to this positive growth in scholarship. This paper will argue - centrally - that an enhanced understanding of diplomacy is the best chance society has to replace the norm of conflict with that of stability and peace achieved through diplomatic functions.

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