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Patron, M.-C. (2009). Diary of a French girl: Surviving intercultural encounters. Robina, Queensland: Bond University Press. ISBN: 978-0-9806187-2-3

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2009 HERDC submission. FoR code: 2002; 2003

© Copyright Marie-Claire Patron, 2009

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DIARY OF A FRENCH GIRL is the personal journal of a young French traveller who shares with us her perspectives, experiences and insights into the English Diaspora. It is a unique opportunity for Anglophones to take a look into a magic French mirror and to examine themselves through the eyes of a Francophone. On a broader level, this book also serves to prepare all global travellers for the experiences and emotions they will encounter as they journey through different time zones, lands, languages, people and cultures. It offers useful information and coping strategies to all those who embark on foreign sojourns whether in cultures diametrically opposed to their own, or those that (deceptively) appear similar. It is particularly valuable in recommending strategies as to how to successfully negotiate the challenging cultural transitions both on the journey and on returning home as a culturally enlightened global adventurer.



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