Bridging the gap between education and training in the provincial media

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Pearson, M. (1992). Bridging the gap between education and training in the provincial media. Paper presented at the Journalism Education Association (JEA) annual conference, Newcastle, Australia.

© Copyright Mark Pearson & the University of Newcastle, 1993



While the journalists and the employers want an improvement in work-based skills as the primary fruit of their courses, our challenge is to meet this need and also provide a framework for them to think about their work and continue to evaluate and develop their professional outlook. In other words, we need to provide the training that is asked of us - all the practical hands-on back to basics skills which must be there if our involvement is to have any legitimacy in the eyes of the journalists and their employers. The challenge for us is to inject intellectual fibre wherever possible and thus help journalists cope with the Whys of their work environment as well as the Hows. In other words, at the end of our courses journalists need to be able to a) do the job better, and b) think about what they are doing and why they are doing it.

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