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Petherick, W. A. (2008). Stalking. In B. E. Turvey (Ed.), Criminal profiling: An introduction to behavioural evidence analysis (pp. 449-482). Massachusetts, United States: Academic Press- Elsevier Science. ISBN: 9780123741004

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Despite considerable media and academic interest in the phenomenon of stalkers and stalking in the late 1990s and into early 2000, there has been a significant decline of media reporting in recent years. In fact, we rarely hear about run-of-the-mill stalking cases in the media at all- only those involving sensational aspects such as high victim count, celebrities, or public figures. Or it might be reported as part of the sequence of events that led to a sensationally intimate homicide that has the public's interest. This is most likely because the general public has acclimated to the stalking phenomenon to such a degree that it is no longer novel, shocking, frightening or exciting. Stalking is, in fact, commonplace; there has been no decline in the number of cases or in its impact on stalking victims. In these two areas, the candle still burns bright.

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