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Lyvers, M., Thorberg, F., Dobie, A., Huang, J., & Reginald, P. (2008) Mood and interpersonal functioning in smokers. Journal of Substance Use, Vol. 13, Issue 5 October 2008 , pages 308 - 318. ISSN: 1475-9942 (electronic) 1465-9891 (paper), published by Informa Healthcare.

For more information please visit the Journal of Substance Use, Informaworld.

2008 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 1701

Copyright © Michael Lyvers, Fred Arne Thorberg, Alana Dobie, Joanna Huang, & Priya Reginald, 2008.


Male and female adult heavy smokers (n = 96) and nonsmokers (n = 123) were compared on the Depression Anxiety Stress Scales (DASS), Adult Attachment Scale (AAS), Fear of Intimacy Scale (FIS), Negative Mood Regulation (NMR) Scale and Affect Intensity Measure (AIM). Compared to nonsmokers, smokers scored significantly higher on DASS-Stress, DASS-Anxiety, and DASSDepression, and significantly lower on NMR, AAS-Depend and AAS-Close. Smokers also scored marginally higher on FIS. Results suggest mood and relationship dysfunction in smokers, similar to the findings of a previous investigation of detoxified inpatients undergoing treatment for substance (alcohol, heroin, or methamphetamine) dependence.



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