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Paul Wilson & Helene Wells (2007) What do the watchers watch? an Australian case study of CCTV monitoring, Asian Pacific Journal of Police & Criminal Justice, Vol. 5, No. 1, Jul. 2007 pp. 49-60, ISSN: 1598-7795.

Published by the Journal of Asian Association of Police Studies, Yong-In, Korea.

Copyright © Paul Wilson & Helene Wells, 2007.


What is evident from the numerous studies that have emerged in the field of CCTV and crime prevention is that there are no uniform results. While the installation of CCTV in public spaces has been identified as having positive results on crime, that is reducing levels, most of these studies only show small gains. A recent evaluation by Welsh and Farrington (2004) suggests that while CCTV can reduce overall crime, this generally only occurs in car parks and city centres and that better street lighting can be more effective than CCTV in reducing overall crime.



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