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Mitchell, Marilyn (2008). Conducting ethnographic research on language-like visual communication. Refereed paper presented at the Australian and New Zealand Communication Association 2008 Conference, Wellington, N.Z., 9-11 July.

Reproduced with permission of ANZCA (Australian & New Zealand Communication Association).

2008 HERDC submission. FoR Codes: 1299; 2099

© Copyright Marylin Mitchell, 2008.


This paper provides guidance to academics, new researchers, and practicing designers or business people on how to conduct ethnographic research on visual communications that are language-like in that they contain forms linked to specific meanings. The paper adapts Spradley’s (1980) detailed steps for conducting ethnographic research to ethnography that is focused on visual communication. An argument is made that it is useful to employ linguistic frameworks in such research because the field of linguistics already has a well-developed theory base from which researchers can develop theory that is specific to visual communication.



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