Youth Justice: critical readings

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January 2003

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Book Review

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Lincoln, Robyn (2003) Youth Justice: Critical Readings edited by John Muncie, Gordon Hughes and Eugene McLaughlin, Journal of Sociology, Vol. 39, Iss 2, pp. 198.

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This large reader explores the contradictions inherent in juvenile justice, primarily revolving around the justice-welfare divide. It does so by systematically examining the origins of juvenile justice, the conflicting theoretical underpinnings, as well as how these have played out in policy and practice. There are 31 chapters in six parts, most of which are abridged reprints of seminal works covering three decades. These readings are from an impressive array of authors, including Allison Morris, Anthony Bottoms, Anthony Platt, David Farrington, David Garland and John Pratt. What is original, however, are the specifically written summary chapters at the end of each part that pull together the threads of the reprinted readings and point to future directions.

Muncie, J., Hughes, G. and McLaughlin, E. (eds) (2002), Youth Justice: critical readings, London, SAGE in association with the Open University. ISBN: 0761949143.

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