Who Killed Leanne? An Investigation into a Murder and Miscarriage of Justice

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January 2005

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Crowley, G. and Wilson, P.(2005) Who killed Leanne? An investigation into a murder and miscarriage of justice, Gold Coast, Zeus Publications. ISBN: 1921005475

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The savage murder of 12 year old Leanne Holland in Goodna in September 1991 was one of the most brutal child killings in Australia’s criminal history. Sadly, very few people remember it. Leanne was battered to death, and possibly tortured and sexually assaulted.

There were no witnesses to the crime and police were unable to establish a motive. Flimsy and since discredited forensic evidence plus a hasty police investigation led to Graham Stafford — the boyfriend of Leanne’s older sister — being convicted of the murder.

Despite two appeals, two High Court challenges, and an appeal to the Queensland Governor, Stafford’s conviction has been upheld, and he remains incarcerated in prison. Yet, by being the first person to have gone as far as the High Court twice for the same criminal matter, Stafford created Australian legal history.

Now, ten years of painstaking research by former police officer and private investigator Graeme Crowley and criminologist Paul Wilson reveals that it is highly unlikely that Stafford could have committed the murder. Crowley and Wilson believe their investigation and analysis of this case raises enormous doubt and provides evidence that, properly put before the trial jury, would have presented no alternative to a verdict of ‘not guilty’. And, they go further by providing clues that could lead to the real killer.

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