Representations of ALANA in Computer and Video Games

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Brand, Jeffrey E., Majewski, Jakub and Knight, Scott J. (2006) Representations of ALANA in computer and video games In Ethnic Media in America: Building a System of Their Own, Book One, Meiss, Guy T., Tait, Alice A. (eds), Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company, Dubuque, Iowa, USA, 2006, Chapter 5, pp. 105-124.

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2006 HERDC submission




A new way to view race in media is presented in a nuanced picture that sometimes defies simple racial dichotomies. It explores the racial characterization of the heroes and she-roes of various video games. The potential for more balanced and fair representations of ALANA [African, Latin, Asian, Native American] is perhaps greater in CVG's [computer and video games] than in the traditional media. However, only small advances have been made in offering choice and a range of character roles for ALANA while eschewing traditional media stereotypes.

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