Criminal Profiling as Expert Evidence

Wayne Petherick, Bond University
David Field, Bond University
Andrew Lowe
Elizabeth Fry

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Petherick, Wayne, Field, David, Lowe, Andrew and Fry, Elizabeth (2006) Criminal Profiling as Expert Evidence is a chapter in Serial Crime: Theoretical and Practical Issues in Behavioral Profiling, Petherick, Wayne, editor; Elsevier / Academic Press, Burlington, MA, 2006.
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2006 HERDC submission


This chapter addresses criminal profiling as expert evidence. First, some of the issues involving profiling as expert evidence will be explored, including the induction-centric nature of this literature, the attitude of courts toward profiling evidence, and some common areas of profiling testimony. Next, a detailed overview of the Frye and Daubert rules of evidence in the United States will be provided, followed by a thorough examination of the rules of evidence in Australia. The penultimate section looks at the current status of profiling through a number of cases, and at its conclusion, some recommendations are provided that allow for the maximum benefit from profiling evidence. Copyright © 2007 Elsevier B.V.


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