‘Grandmother penicillin’—Not in vogue, but clinically still effective

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Warnke, P. H., Becker, S. T., Springer, I. N. G., Härle, F., Ullmann, U., Russo, P. A. J., et al. (2008). ‘Grandmother penicillin’—Not in vogue, but clinically still effective. Journal of antimicrobial chemotherapy, 61(4), 960-962.

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2008 HERDC submission. FoR Code: 1115

© Copyright Patrick H. Warnke, Stephan T. Becker, Ingo N. G. Springer, Franz Harle, Uwe Ullmann, Paul A. J. Russo, Jorg Wiltfang, Helmut Fickenscher and Sabine Schubert, 2008



Although dental health in the developed world is improving, patients with acute dentoalveolar or odontogenic abscesses still present frequently at dental surgeries or emergency units.(1) Following its discovery by Fleming in 1928,(2) penicillin has long been recognized as an effective standard therapy in patients with orofacial infections. However, penicillin is no longer in favour(3) due to the more frequent isolation of resistant bacteria from abscesses of odontogenic origin.(4,5)

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