Antimicrobial stewardship: What's it all about?

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McKenzie, D., Rawlins, M., & Del Mar, C. (2013). Antimicrobial stewardship: What's it all about? Australian Prescriber, 36(4), 116-120.

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The global problem of antibiotic resistance is threatening us. Since 2001, the proportion of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) infections in the community has doubled. As one of the highest users of antibiotics in the developed world, Australia needs a more judicious approach to antibiotic use. Antimicrobial stewardship programs, which aim to improve the appropriate use of antibiotics and reduce antibiotic resistance, have been shown to be effective in Australian hospitals. Antimicrobial stewardship needs to be extended to the community where the greatest proportion of antibiotics are prescribed. Antibiotic restriction, education of prescribers and patients and prescribing feedback have already had some success.



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