Maxillofacial trauma

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Lynham, A., Tuckett, J., & Warnke, P. (2012). Maxillofacial trauma. Australian Family Physician, 41(4), 172-180

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2012 HERDC submission. FoR codes: 110504; 100404

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Background: Maxillofacial injuries are a common presentation to general practice and hospital emergency departments in Australia; surprisingly they can be easily overlooked at initial assessment.

Objective: This article describes the common typical clinical and radiographic findings in maxillofacial injuries that require further specialist treatment. Signs and symptoms requiring immediate treatment are highlighted and discussed individually.

Discussion: The full extent of functional disturbances might not be detectable in the first instance. Overlooked injuries may result in severe and enduring impairment of the patient and can have medicolegal ramifications.



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