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Orr, R., Pope, R., Johnston, V., & Coyle, J. (2012). The operational load carriage context of the Australian army soldier. In N. A. S. Taylor & D. C. Billing (Eds.), Paper presented at the proceedings of the 1st Australian Conference on Physiological and Physical Employment Standards, Canberra, Australia. ISBN: 978-1-74128-220-7

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© Copyright R. M. Orr, R. Pope, V. Johnston & J. Coyle, 2012




Military soldiers are required to carry loads as part of their occupation. These loads have led to injuries and even mortalities on the battlefield (Orr et al., 2011). Recent evidence suggests that the absolute loads carried by Australian Army soldiers are increasing (Orr, et al., 2010). The intent of this study was to investigate the loads can ied by Australian Regular Army soldiers on operations and the contexts in which these loads are carried.



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