Mobilisation with movement in the management of swimmer's shoulder

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Teys, P., & Vicenzino, B. (2011). Mobilisation with movement in the management of swimmer's shoulder. In B. Vincenzino, W. Hing, D. Rivett, & T. Hall (Eds.) Mobilisation with Movement: The art and the science (pp 143- 151). Chatswood, N.S.W.: Churchill Livingstone.

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Janet was a 26-year-old female who presented with a 6 week history of unresolved right-sided anterolateral shoulder pain following a return to swimming of 1500 metres a day for 1 week. Freestyle stroke and associated drills predominated in these sessions. She had previously not been swimming for 2 years. Janet undertook no treatment apart from cessation from swimming during those 6 weeks.

Her swim practise and competition history revealed that she had been an elite national level Canadian swimmer from the age of 16 years. She had been swimming competitively since she was l0 years old and first noticed the onset of shoulder pain when she was moved to senior squad at 13 years of age. This move included a significant increase in training to two daily sessions covering 10-12 kilometres per day. She increased the number of training days and her primary stroke was freestyle.

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