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Hoffman, T., & O'Shea, J. (2012). An evaluation of the effectiveness of a brief self-management educational expo provided by a consumer health organisation for people with type 2 diabetes. Éducation Thérapeutique du Patient - Therapeutic Patient Education, 4(1), 41-46.

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Introduction: Consumer health organisations have a growing role in providing diabetes education, particularly as a means of community education, but the effectiveness of this method of providing diabetes education is not known.

Objective: This study aimed to evaluate the effectiveness of a one-day large group diabetes self-management educational expo that was provided by a leading consumer health organisation and delivered by a multi-professional team.

Methods: A pre-test post-test study in which participants (n = 213) were individuals with type 2 diabetes who attended a community diabetes education expo. Participants completed a questionnaire that assessed their diabetes knowledge, selfmanagement, self-efficacy, and empowerment prior to the expo, immediately after its conclusion, and approximately one month later.

Results: Between pre-expo and post-expo there was significant improvement in self-management scores (increase of 1.55, 95% confidence interval [CI] 0.17 to 2.93, p = 0.03) and empowerment scores (increase of 0.10, 95% CI 0.01 to 0.20, p = 0.03). Between post-expo and follow-up there was a significant improvement in empowerment scores (increase of 0.25,95%CI 0.11 to 0.40, p = 0.001). There was no improvement in knowledge or self-efficacy.

Conclusions: The expo resulted in small improvements in participants’ reported levels of self-management and empowerment; however recommendations to refine the format of the expos and methods used to provide the education are provided.



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