Art review: Edo-Kingyo's Coolness and the Night Aquarium Museum Lounge

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Bramstedt, K. A. (2012). [Art review of Edo-Kingyo's Coolness and the Night Aquarium Museum Lounge]. Journal of bioethical inquiry, 9(2), 213-214.

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As with circuses, aquariums have been the subject of concern for animal welfare experts (Tilikum, Katina, Corky, Kasatka, and Ulises v. SeaWorld 2011): Is captivity the best place for these animals? Are these settings merely entertainment venues? If they provide an educational experience for viewers, does the learning experience outweigh the risks to the animals? Could the education be gained by other modes? What are the elements of animal welfare in the setting of an aquarium? After viewing the Edo—Kingyo’s Coolness Tokyo art exhibit online using the creator’s YouTube video (Kimura 2011), the importance of all of these questions becomes apparent.

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