A case study validating the attraction and retention of sport club members

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Sotiriadou, P., Quick, S. & Shilbury, D. (2010). A case study validating the attraction and retention of sport club members.Paper presented at the 10th annual international conference on sports: Economic, management, marketing & social aspects, Athens, Greece.

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© Copyright Popi Sotiriadou, Shayne Quick & David Shilbury, 2010


Attracting and retaining registered sport club members has been the focus of considerable efforts from various sport organisations (Sotiriadou, Shilbury and Quick, 2008). However, with the exception of the Sotiriadou et al. (2008) study on Attracting, Retaining, Transitioning and Nurturing members (i.e., the ARTN framework), and in spite of the importance of attracting and retaining members to sport clubs, these processes have not been examined from an organisational perspective.

The aim of this research was to validate the attraction and retention parameters of the ARTN framework. Using cycling as a case study, 9 representatives from cycling organisations (including 6 cycling clubs, 2 states and the national body for cycling in Australia) participated in a survey and subsequent interviews. The results allow for a progression to a more formal theory on the attraction and retention process. From a practical standpoint, the results identify the level of importance of various (a) throughputs (e.g., facilities, competitions, administration, development programs), (b) stakeholders (e.g., the coaches, athletes, state departments, sponsors), and (c) the impact of throughputs and stakeholders on membership attraction and retention. These outcomes facilitate sport development planning and improved sport development practices.

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