Factors for evaluating the web as a marketing tool in Greek sport

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Costa, G., Kioumourtzoglou, E., Quick, S., Tsitskari, E. & Tzetzis, G. (2010). Factors for evaluating the web as a marketing tool in Greek sport. Serbian journal of sport sciences, 4(3), 107-117.

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Sport marketing managers worldwide are exploring and experimenting with the Web in an attempt to develop more effective communication and marketing tools. This is especially the case in Greece where in recent years there has been a desire to create team-based websites that are more fan friendly, relevant and accessible. This paper aimed to develop an instrument for evaluating the marketing variables (SIMEvI) that should appear on sport teams’ websites. 900 sport fans who declared themselves as internet users were surveyed at basketball and football games in Greece. Factor and reliability analyses were conducted which revealed a valid and reliable evaluation tool. The major elements of the sport marketing mix (product, price-place, promotion and public relations) were shown to be the ones that most affect the public when evaluating marketing through the Web, so it is obvious that the evaluation by the sport fans of the marketing variables that appear or should appear on Greek sport teams’ websites is a multidimensional concept. Moreover, the SIMEvI scale seems to be easily implemental and particularly appealing to web and sport managers, who are interested in evaluating their sport sites in terms of marketing in Greece, offering by doing so a competitive advantage that would possibly increase their fans’ satisfaction with the website.