Review of the quality of complementary medicines information resources: Summary report

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McGuire, T. M., Walters, J. A., Dean, A. J., Van Driel, M., Del Mar, C., Kotsirilos, V., Moses, G. M., Chong, S., Deed, G., Eldred, B., Hardy, J., Heussler, H., Hollingworth, S., Marron, L., Mendel, J., Pache, D., Steadman, K., Trenerry, H., Brown, J., & Williamson, M. (2009). Review of the quality of complementary medicines information resources: Summary report. National prescribing service limited, 1-54.

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Recent research conducted by the National Prescribing Service (NPS) has shown the need for improving complementary medicines (CMs) information availability and awareness for Australian health professionals and consumers. CMs information resources have been reported to be of variable quality, with some identified as inaccurate or misleading. To date, there has been no comprehensive evaluation of available information resources to help the Australian community make better informed decisions around the quality use of CMs, in order to meet the demand for high quality information on CMs.

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