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Cohen, J. F., Korevaar, D. A., Gatsonis, C. A., Glasziou, P. P., Hooft, L., Moher, D., Reitsma, J. B., De Vet, H. C. W., Bossuyt, P. M. (2017). STARD for Abstracts: Essential items for reporting diagnostic accuracy studies in journal or conference abstracts. BMJ, 358.

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Many abstracts of diagnostic accuracy studies are currently insufficiently informative. We extended the STARD (Standards for Reporting Diagnostic Accuracy) statement by developing a list of essential items that authors should consider when reporting diagnostic accuracy studies in journal or conference abstracts. After a literature review of published guidance for reporting biomedical studies, we identified 39 items potentially relevant to report in an abstract. We then selected essential items through a two round web based survey among the 85 members of the STARD Group, followed by discussions within an executive committee. Seventy three STARD Group members responded (86%), with 100% completion rate. STARD for Abstracts is a list of 11 quintessential items, to be reported in every abstract of a diagnostic accuracy study. We provide examples of complete reporting, and developed template text for writing informative abstracts.

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