Improving coverage of medical research in a changing media environment.

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Medew, J., & Moynihan, R. (2016, in press).Improving coverage of medical research in a changing media environment. CMAJ. http://dx.doi.org/10.1503/cmaj.160538

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In the maelstrom of our changing media, some things will remain the same, particularly the need for reliable medical reporting to save us from drowning in misleading promotion. The evidence to date suggests much reporting overstates benefits of tests or treatments, plays down harms and fails to report important conflicts of interest. A research article in CMAJ adds to that evidence base with some novel and disturbing findings about independent commenters being quoted in media reports. Genuinely independent and informed voices can help the public assess the merits and shortcomings of medical research. Meticulous attention to uncovering and reporting conflicts of interest is therefore vital to healthy medical journalism.

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