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Smiles, W. J., Parr, E. B., Coffey, V. G., Lacham-Kaplan, O., Hawley, J. A., & Camera, D. M. (2016, in press). Protein coingestion with alcohol following strenuous exercise attenuates alcohol-induced intramyocellular apoptosis and inhibition of autophagy. AJP: Endocrinology and Metabolism, 311(5), E836-E849.

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Alcohol ingestion decreases post-exercise rates of muscle protein synthesis, but the mechanism(s) (e.g., increased protein breakdown) underlying this observation are unknown. Autophagy is an intracellular "recycling" system required for homeostatic substrate and organelle turnover; its dysregulation may provoke apoptosis and lead to muscle atrophy. We investigated the acute effects of alcohol ingestion on autophagic cell signaling responses to a bout of concurrent (combined resistance- and endurance-based) exercise. In a randomized cross-over design, 8 physically active males completed three experimental trials of concurrent exercise with either post-exercise ingestion of alcohol and carbohydrate (12±2 standard drinks; ALC-CHO), energy-matched alcohol and protein (ALC-PRO), or protein (PRO) only. Muscle biopsies were taken at rest and 2 and 8 h post-exercise. Select autophagy-related gene (Atg) proteins decreased compared to rest with ALC-CHO (P



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