The right kind of teacher: Renee’s story

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Harcourt, D. (2008). The right kind of teacher: Renee’s story. Paper presented at the 2008 Early Childhood Australia (ECA) biennial conference: Children: A nation's capital: Investing in our children, Canberra, Australia.

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© Copyright Deborah Harcourt, 2008


As part of a year-long study conducted with 25 children in two Singaporean preschool classrooms, four major themes emerged in relation to young children's views and opinions about the measurement of quality in early childhood services. One of these themes, the teacher, generated interesting and thought-provoking data as shared by Renee, a five-year-old attending a private childcare service. This presentation will explore a young child's reflections on what makes for a good teacher and the impact this has on the lives of children. Renee provides us with insightful commentary on the appropriate demeanour teachers should present when working with young children and how this helps young children to feel safe and secure. Renee also discusses the kind of teaching that young children should be exposed to and how this invites children to feel that they have been empowered to make some of the decision making within the curriculum. The session will look at the impact a teacher may have in terms of young children's emotional wellbeing in early childhood settings and makes a case for adults to act upon young children's views and opinions as a genuine barometer of their lived experiences.

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