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Smith, J. (2014). Using a peer supervision and mentoring model in the supervision of final year medical students placements in the Solomon Islands. Refereed paper presented at the 32nd Annual CRANAplus Conference: Creating and sustaining diversity within communities. 15-18 October, 2014. Melbourne, Vic.

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Makira Island in the Solomon Islands has a population of over 41,000 people, which in 2013 was serviced by one doctor, who worked in the hospital and travelled to remote sites, supported by highly-skilled nursing staff. The capital Kira Kira is a very impoverished community with no formal governance structure, poor infrastructure and a large variety of public health issues that lead to fascinating medicine. In 2013 Bond University’s School of Medicine in Australia commenced 5th year medical student placements at Kira Kira Hospital, with 33 students participating. At times there was little if no direct medical supervision of the students by a medical practitioner. As a result of this an interesting model of ‘peer supervision and mentoring’ developed whereby the students worked in pairs and consulted and learnt together, checking in with their nursing colleagues at regular intervals. These placements were evaluated in the later part of the year. This paper will present the findings of the evaluation and the peer mentoring and supervision model that emerged



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