Negotiating communties [sic]: Sustainable cultural surf tourism

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Abel, A. C, & O'Brien, D. (2015). Negotiating communties [sic]: Sustainable cultural surf tourism. In G. Borne, & J. Ponting (Eds.), Sustainable stoke: Transitions to sustainability in the surfing world (pp. 154-165). Plymouth, United Kingdom: University of Plymouth Press.

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Papua New Guinea lies north of Australia, and its economy relies heavily on agriculture, mining, fishing and logging. Despite its wealth of natural resources, 40% of the nations 6.3 million people live in poverty; health care, education, communication and transport infrastructures are notoriously lacking (Australian Government, 2010). Nonetheless, Andy recognised his homeland as a diverse country of over 600 islands, more than 800 unique dialects and traditional cultures, with abundant marine, forest, and wildlife resources. He saw surfing as a sport with the potential to empower village communities, and his vision was one where surf tourism would provide a commercially viable alternative for remote villages to alleviate some of the crippling poverty they were faced with.

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