John Duns

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Duns, J. (2000). Melway Publishing Pty Ltd v Robert Hicks Pty Ltd. High court review, 6, 5 pp.



Central to the case was the distribution system adopted by Melway to market its directories. Melway supplied its directories to selected wholesalers who in turn were responsible for distributing the directories to retailers. While Melway's arrangements with its wholesalers were informal, in the sense that there were no written terms of supply, it was clear that supply of the directories was on the basis that the wholesalers would sell the directories only to retailers within particular market segments. There were 5 segments identified by Melway for this purpose: (a) newsagents and bookshops; (b) service stations; (c) office stationers; (d) authorised car dealers; and (e) automotive parts retailers. UBD does not have a similar market segmentation system.