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Dreher, A., Gaston, N., Martens, P. and Van Boxem, L. (2009) Measuring globalisation - opening the black box: a critical analysis of globalisation indices.

Working Paper Series; No. 32, Sep. 2009.

Copyright © Axel Dreher, Noel Gaston, Pim Martens, Lotte Van Boxem and The Globalisation and Development Centre, Bond University, 2009.



Indices of globalisation are employed in various ways. This paper discusses the measurement of globalisation with a view to advancing the understanding of globalisation indices. Our assessment is that a true understanding of globalisation must be an interdisciplinary enterprise. Moreover, it would be fruitful if academics, both quantitative experts and theoreticians, can work together on dlis challenge. Despite the different methodologies, choice of variables and weights, in order to study and measure globalisation meaningfully, new co-operative frameworks are needed.