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Chongvilaivan, A. & Thangavelu, S. M. (2009) The impact of material and service outsourcing on employment in Thailand's manufacturing industries

Working Paper Series; No. 31, Jun. 2009.

Copyright © Aekapol Chongvilaivan, Shandre M. Thangavelu and The Globalisation and Development Centre, Bond University, 2009.



The present paper contributes to the outsourcing literature in a number of ways. Firstly, this paper is the first to study the impact of outsourcing on Thailand's manufacturing sectors at a disaggregated level of a 4 digit industrial classification. Secondly, unlike the existing literature, the notion of outsourcing in this paper is beyond the standard trade-related material inputs as service outsourcing may also have an equally important impact on the labor market. Finally, we also account for the second-order impacts of outsourcing on the relative demands for unskilled and skilled labor.