Joseph Siracusa

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Siracusa, J. (2008) Averting armageddon: in search of nuclear governance

Working Paper Series; No. 22, Oct. 2008.

Copyright © Joseph Siracusa and The Globalisation and Development Centre, Bond University, 2008.



Does the spread of nuclear weapons make the world safer or more dangerous? Most people usually have an instinctive reply to this question: Of course, it makes things more dangerous. How could it not? It might seem surprising, therefore, that not all nuclear analysts agree, and the debate remains unresolved. Like so many of the issues relating to nuclear weapons, the debate is built largely on speculation and ambiguous historical experience. Nuclear weapons remain attractive to insecure or ambitious states. In regional rivalries such as the subcontinent, East Asia, and the Middle East, the bomb still has influence - great influence, in fact. Whatever else one has to say - and presumably not much has been left unsaid about the nuclear strategy of the past six decades - nuclear status still imparts extraordinary prestige and power.