Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Faculty of Society and Design.


Submissions from 2014

Reflections in a mirror, Damian Cox

Integrity, Damian Cox, Marguerite La Caze, and Michael Levine

Project management and organizational change, Lynn Crawford, Alicia Aitken, and Anat Hassner-Nahmias


Attentional biases in processing emotional facial expressions: Effects of state anxiety, trait anxiety and awareness, Mark Edwards

Malay kingship in Kedah: Religion, trade, and society, Maziar M. Falarti

Getting away with murder: An examination of detected homicides staged as suicides, Claire Ferguson and Wayne Petherick

Profiling arson, Katarina Fritzon, Rebekah Doley, and Ryan Bell


Submission to the Senate Inquiry - Inquiry into crystal methamphetamine (Ice) - Submission 70, Terry Goldsworthy and Laura McGillivray


Stopping the stalker: Victim responses to stalking. An examination of victim responses to determine factors affecting the intensity and duration of stalking, Terry Goldsworthy and Matthew Raj

The long arm of the law: an examination of the utility of police post-separation discipline processes., Terry Goldsworthy and Sara Trainor

Responding to the challenge of problem sexual behaviour by young people in Queensland: An opinion, Scott Harden, Michelle Phillips, Stephen Stathis, Kerry Geritz, Tasneem Hasan, Mike Spiller, Bruce Watt, and Angela Allen

Organisational engagement and its driving forces: A case study in a retail travel organisation with international outreach, Richard Hicks, G. O'Reilly, and Mark Bahr

Assessing stress at work across occupations and cultures using the occupational stress inventory revised, Richard Hicks, Ali Sa banci, and Mark Bahr


Predicting food cravings: A piece of cake or a hard nut to crack?, Karen Hodgson and Peta Stapleton


Towards a unified theory of play: A case study of minecraft, James Hooper and Penny de Byl

The hot flush beliefs and behaviour scale for men (HFBBS-Men) undergoing treatment for prostate cancer, Myra S. Hunter, Christopher F. Sharpley, Evgenia Stefanopoulou, Omar Yousaf, Vicki Bitsika, and David Christie

Multisport dreaming: The foundations of triathlon in Australia, Jane Hunt


Traditional heritage management: The case of Australia and Tanzania, Johari Hussein and Lynne Armitage


A historical perspective of the evolution of Australian built heritage and its management, Johari Hussein, Lynne Armitage, and Linda Too

Designing competitive edge through job ads: A content analysis of, Jan Jervis and Jeffrey Brand

'Loose tweets sink fleets' and other sage advice: Social media governance, policies and guidelines, Jane Johnston


"But Mary was preserving these matters, carefully bringing together and considering them in her heart”: Ethical listening, contemplation, and the cultivation of a sexuating silence, Julie Kelso


'Feminist receptions of Biblical women', consulting editor, Lesleigh Cushin Stahlberg, Julie Kelso


Perfectionism, psychological wellbeing, and maladaptive eating practices., Bridget Kenny and Richard Hicks

East House, Chris Knapp


Ornament and craft: Digital design and the profession, Chris Knapp and Jonathan Nelson

Contsructing atmospheres, Chris Knapp, Jonathan Nelson, and Michael Parsons

Cellular Tessellation, Chris Knapp, Jonathan Nelson, Michael Parsons, and Nathan Freeman


Theorising film-to-game adaptation, Scott J. Knight

Construction efficiency: A tale of two developed countries, Craig Langston

Designing for future adaptive reuse, Craig Langston

Identifiying adaptive reuse potential, Craig Langston

Identifiying adaptive reuse potential, Craig Langston

MCDA and assessing sustainability, Craig Langston

Measuring good architecture: Long life, loose fit, low energy, Craig Langston

Modelling building performance using iconCUR, Craig Langston


The persuasive powers of DNA: An experimental study in perceptions of expert evidence, Robyn Lincoln, Adam Southerland, and Madeleine Jarrett-Luck

Ex-ante evaluation of public-private partnerships: Macroeconomic analysis, Junxiao Liu, Peter Love, Brad Carey, Jim Smith, and Michael Regan

Conceptual framework for the performance measurement of public-private partnerships, Junxiao Liu, Peter Love, Peter Davis, Jim Smith, and Michael Regan

Life cycle critical success factors for public-private partnership infrastructure projects, Junxiao Liu, Peter Love, Jim Smith, Michael Regan, and Peter Davis

Public-Private Partnerships: A review of theory and practice of performance, Junxiao Liu, Peter Love, Jim Smith, Michael Regan, and Monty Sutrisna

Procurement of public sector facilities: Views of early contractor involvement, Peter Love, Damien O’Donoghue, Peter R. Davis, and Jim Smith


Danlait’s 2013 Social Media Crisis in Vietnam: A Case Study to Explore Online Crisis Scanning Criteria, Tuong-Minh Ly-Le

Mood, mood regulation, and frontal systems functioning in current smokers, long-term abstinent ex-smokers, and never-smokers, Michael Lyvers, Cassandra Carlopio, Vicole Bothma, and Mark Edwards

Caffeine use and alexithymia in university students, Michael Lyvers, Natalija Duric, and Fred A. Thorberg

Traits linked to executive and reward systems functioning in clients undergoing residential treatment for substance dependence, Michael Lyvers, Rachel Hinton, Stephanie Gotsis, Michelle Roddy, Mark S. Edwards, and Fred A. Thorberg

Alexithymia and drinking in young adults: The role of alcohol-related intrusive thoughts, Michael Lyvers, Olena Lysychka, and Fred A. Thorberg

Drinking motives, alcohol expectancies and alexithymia in young adult social drinkers, Michael Lyvers, Olivia Simons, Amelia Hayes, and Fred A. Thorberg

Transmitting and preserving cultural knowledge through open-world role-playing games, Jakub Majewski

Academic discourse and self-efficacy in diverse settings, Beata Malczewska-Webb


Cultural and intercultural awareness of international students at an Australian university, Beata Malczewska-Webb

Research approaches and student surveys: A cross-cultural perspective, Beata Malczewska-Webb


Context-perception model of third language learning motivation, Masanori Matsumoto

Queensland's newest invasion: Feral urban deer, Mariama Mattila and Shelley Burgin

When minutes count: Tension and trust in the relationship between emergency managers and the media, Hamish McLean and Mary Power

Unprovoked Shark Bites: Are they becoming more prevalent?, Daryl McPhee

Perceived and actual thermal conditions: Case studies of green-rated and conventional office buildings in the city of Adelaide, Vanessa Menadue, Veronica Soebarto, and Terence Williamson


Anthony Mann’s Film Westerns: Mise-en-scène and the Total Image in Bend of the River, Helen Miller and Warwick Mules


Fitting issues: The visual representation of time in family tree diagrams, Marilyn Mitchell

'Reducing' Pacific languages to writings, Peter Muhlhausler

Reducing plan variations in delivering sustainable building projects, Jorge Ochoa


An investigation into psychological stress detection and management in organisations operating in project and construction management, Alan Patching and Rick Best

Loss and loneliness among international students., Marie-Claire Patron

False reports of stalking: Motivations and investigative considerations, Wayne Petherick and Alicia Jenkins


Investigating the role of dispositional mindfulness as a protective factor or boy image dissatisfaction among women, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Lisa Appleby


Should'a put a ring on it: Investigating adult attachment, relationship status, anxiety, mindfulness, and resilience in romantic relationships, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Alexandra Giufre


Relationship between resilience, mindfulness, and pyschological well-being in University students, Aileen M. Pidgeon and Michelle Keye


Psychosocial moderators of perceived stress, anxiety and depression in university students: An international study, Aileen M. Pidgeon, Stephanie McGrath, Heide B. Magya, Peta Stapleton, and Barbara C. Y. Lo


Cultivating a resilient response to stress through mindfulness and cognitive re-appraisal: A pilot randomised control trial., Aileen M. Pidgeon, Breeana O'Brien, Andrew Hanna, and Frances Klaassen


Examining characteristics of resilience among university students: An international study, Aileen M. Pidgeon, Natasha F. Rowe, Peta Stapleton, Heidi B. Magyar, and Barbara C. Y. Lo


Value for money in project procurement, Michael Regan


Assessing risk in infrastructure public private partnerships, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love


Government institutions and infrastructure skills development, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love


Value for money in international infrastructure public private partnership policies: Survey of African states, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love


Sustainability: Its adaptation and relevance in remote area housing, Rosemarie Rusch and Rick Best

Benefit finding and psychological adjustment following a non-marital relationship break-up, Christina Samios, Donna Henson, and Hannah Simpson

A Dyadic and longitudinal investigation of adjustment in couples coping with multiple sclerosis. Research in developmental disabilities, Christina Samios, Kenneth I. Pakenham, and Jill O'Brien


Saccadic eye movement abnormalities in autism spectrum disorder indicate dysfunctions in cerebellum and brainstem, Lauren M. Schmitt, Edwin H. Cook, John A. Sweeney, and Matthew W. Mosconi

Diagnosing ‘male’ depression in men diagnosed with prostate cancer: the next step in effective translational psycho-oncology interventions?, Christopher Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David R.H. Christie

Measuring individual burden of illness for depression among prostate cancer patients, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David Christie

Researching depression in prostate cancer patients: factors, timing, and measures., Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, David Christie, James W. Denham, Gillian Duchesne, and Jeremy W. Couper

Variability in depressive symptoms of cognitive deficit and cognitive bias during the first 2 years after diagnosis in Australian men with prostate cancer, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, and David R.H. Christie

Predictors of depression in prostate cancer patients: A comparison of psychological resilience versus pre-existing anxiety and depression, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, Addie Wootten, and David Christie

Does resilience 'buffer' against depression in prostate cancer patients? A multi-site replication study, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, Addie Wootten, and David H.R. Christie

Differences in major depressive disorder and generalised anxiety disorder symptomatology between prostate cancer patients receiving hormone therapy and those who are not, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, Addie Wootten, and David R.H. Christie

An update on the interaction between the serotonin transporter promoter variant (5-HTTLPR), stress and depression, plus an exploration of non-confirming findings, Christopher F. Sharpley, Suresh K. A. Palanisamy, Nicarla S. Glyde, Peter W. Dillingham, and Linda L. Agnew


A comparison of a single genetic factor, two stress factors, and one psychosocial coping factor as predictors of depression in an Australian community sample., Christopher F. Sharpley, Suresh K. A. Palanisamy, Kate Metcalf, Kim A. Jones, Brian J. Kelly, and James R. McFarlane


Treatment for anorexia nervosa: Are we missing the mark?, Peta Stapleton and Amy Bannatyne


A feasibility study: Emotional freedom techniques for depression in Australian adults, Peta Stapleton, Sharon Devine, Hannah Chatwin, Brett Porter, and Terri Sheldon

Body dissatisfaction and surveillance, exercise frequency, depression and self-esteem in a university population, Peta Stapleton and Natalie Dzodz


Psychological determinants of emotional eating: The role of attachment, psychopathological symptom distress, love attitudes and perceived hunger, Peta Stapleton and Eleanor Mackay


Body image avoidance, body dissatisfaction, and eating pathology: Is there a difference between male gym users and non–gym users?, Peta Stapleton, Timothy McIntyre, and Amy Bannatyne

Dysfunctional eating in an Australian community sample: The role of emotion regulation, impulsivity, and reward and punishment sensitivity, Peta Stapleton and Melissa Whitehead

Critical success factors for building maintenance business: A Hong Kong case study, Yongtao Tan, Li-Yen Shen, and Craig Langston

A fuzzy approach for adaptive reuse selection of industrial buildings in Hong Kong, Yongtao Tan, Li-Yin Shen, and Craig Langston

Assessing the institutional capacity to adapt to climate change : a case study in the Cambodian health and water sectors, Dany Va, Kathryn Bowen, and Kathryn Miller

Predictive models for water sources with high susceptibility for bromine-containing disinfection by-product formation: Implications for water treatment, Kalinda Watson, Maria José Farré, James Birt, and James McGree

Testis abnormalities in a population of the iconic Australian species, the eastern bearded dragon Pogona barbata, Danny Wotherspoon and Shelly Burgin

Adaptive reuse of traditional Chinese shophouses in government-led urban renewal projects in Hong Kong, Esther Yung, Craig Langston, and Edwin Chan


ASEAN Public Private Partnership Guidelines, Fauziah Zen and Michael Regan