Scholarly publications and presentations by staff from the Faculty of Society and Design.


Submissions from 2015

Performance measures for construction, Craig Langston

Refining the citiBLOC index, Craig Langston


Moving violations: A study of incivility and violence against urban bus drivers in Australia, Robyn Lincoln and Adrienne Gregory

A new framework for evaluating public-private partnerships, Junxiao Liu, Peter Love, Jim Smith, and Michael Regan

Future proofing PPPs: Life-cycle performance measurement and Building Information Modelling, Peter E.D. Love, Junxiao Liu, Jane Matthews, Chun-pong Sing, and Jim Smith

Understanding the landscape of overruns in transport infrastructure projects, Peter E.D. Love, Jim Smith, Ian Simpson, Michael Regan, and Oluwole Olatunji

Internationalization of the construction industry, Weisheng Lu, Huan Yang, and Craig Langston


Business negotiations between American and Vietnamese businesses: The influence of proxemics and site setting on negotiation outcomes, Tuong-Minh Ly-Le


Government crisis assessment and reputation management: A case study of the Vietnam Health Minister's crises in 2013-2014, Tuong-Minh Ly-Le


Media assessment of Herbalife's crisis response: An approach to explain Vietnam's media transparency level, Tuong-Minh Ly-Le


Proxemics on business negotiation: What Americans should be aware of Vietnamese negotiation site settings, Tuong-Minh Ly-Le

Trait impulsivity predicts D-KEFS tower test performance in university students, Michael Lyvers, Vanessa Basch, Helen Duff, and Mark S. Edwards

Blood alcohol concentration is negatively associated with gambling money won on the iowa gambling task in naturalistic settings after controlling for trait impulsivity and alcohol tolerance, Michael Lyvers, Nicole Mathieson, and Mark S. Edwards


Approaches to cultural heritage in role-playing games, Jakub Majewski


The influence of gender, anxiety and food cravings on alcohol use within a university population, Jaques Marissa and Peta Stapleton

Formal English education in Japan: What causes ‘unsuccessful’ English language learning?, Masanori Matsumoto

Motivational changes and their affecting factors among students from different cultural backgrounds, Masanori Matsumoto

The legacy of David Fleay, a pioneering Gold Coast conservationist, Bridgette McDougall


Resilience attributes among university students: A comparative study of psychological distress, sleep disturbances and mindfulness, Cher J. McGillivray and Aileen M. Pidgeon

Marine environments of the Gold Coast: Out with the old, in with the new, Daryl McPhee

Setting the scene, Jim Meikle and Rick Best

Measuring and comparing construction activity internationally, Jim Meikle and Sephen Gruneberg

Feedforward and feedback motor control abnormalities implicate cerebellar dysfunctions in autism spectrum disorder, Matthew W. Mosconi, Suman Mohanty, Rachel K. Greene, Edwin H. Cook, David E. Vaillancourt, and John A. Sweeney

Anxiety, stress, and self-esteem across genders in a university sample: Exploring the role of body avoidance, Richelle M. Murphy and Peta Stapleton

Evolution, not revolution: The digital divide in American and Australian contexts, Stuart Murray


Clinical data warehousing: A business analytics approach for managing health data, Lekha Narra, Tony Sahama, and Peta Stapleton


Clinical data warehousing for evidence based decision making, Lekha Narra, Tony Sahama, and Peta Stapleton

Measures of empathy: Self-report, behavioral, and neuroscientific approaches, David Neumann, Raymond C.K. Chan, Gregory J. Boyle, Yi Wang, and H. Rae Westbury

The beaches, Craig Page and Tor Hundloe

A qualitative analysis of women who have undergone a multi-stage psychotherapy and hypnotherapy intervention to manage psychological stress while undergoing in-vitro fertilisation: What were their experiences and outcomes?, Alan Patching

Sticks and stones: Only skin deep after all!, Marie-Claire Patron

Students' loneliness during cross-cultural adjustments, Marie-Claire Patron


Victim victorious: From fire to phoenix, Marie-Claire Patron and Stephen Holden


Shop 'til you drop: A coping mechanism for stressed university students?, Aileen M. Pidgeon, Leanne Bottomley, and Amy Bannatyne

Preliminary outcomes of feasibility and efficacy of brief resilience stress training: A pilot study of the MARST program, Aileen M. Pidgeon, Lenard W. Pidgeon, Amelia-Rose Read, and Frances Klaassen


Understanding risk and uncertainty: A brief history, Michael Regan

Public infrastructure procurement: A review of adversarial and non-adversarial contracting methods, Michael Regan, Peter Love, and Jim Smith


Better infrastructure procurement for public private partnerships: An Australian perspective, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter Love

Project finance for public private partnerships: Evidence from Australia, Michael Regan, Jim Smith, and Peter E.D. Love

Effects of wetland water source on a population of the Australian eastern long-necked turtle chelodina longicollis, Michelle M. Ryan, Shelly Burgin, and Ian Wright

Eight-month test-retest agreement in morning salivary cortisol, self- and parent-rated anxiety in boys with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, Linda L. Agnew, and Nicholas M. Andronicos

Eight-month test-retest agreement in morning salivary cortisol, self- and parent-rated anxiety in boys with an Autism Spectrum Disorder, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, Linda L. Agnew, and Nicholas M. Andronicos

Measuring depression in prostate cancer patients: Does the scale used make a difference?, Christopher F. Sharpley, Vicki Bitsika, David Christie, and Myra S. Hunter

The underlying zoning enigma, John Sheehan and Andrew H. Kelly


Beliefs about causes of obesity: A comparison of Australian doctors, psychologists and community members, Peta Stapleton

Use of complementary therapies by registered psychologists: An international study, Peta Stapleton, Hannah Chatwin, Emma Boucher, Sue Crebbin, Sandra Scott, Dean Smith, and Gail Purkis


An investigation of relationship satisfaction on resilience and body image, Peta Stapleton and Olivia Gergis


Feeding feelings: Is there a relationship between emotional eating and body mass index in adults?, Peta Stapleton and Eleanor Mackay

Grey forecasting of construction demand in Hong Kong over the next ten years, Yongtao Tan, Craig Langston, Min Wu, and Jorge Ochoa

An empirical study on the relationship between sustainability performance and business competitiveness of international construction contractors, Yongtao Tan, Jorge Ochoa, Craig Langston, and Li-Yin Shen

Reducing the ecological footprint: The prospect for green energy, Sophie Telfar and Tor Hundloe


A sense of physical books in our digital society, Stewart Todhunter and Penny de Byl

Sustainable campus: Engaging the community in sustainability, Linda Too and Bhishna Bajracharya

Narrowing gaps between research and policy development in climate change adaptation work in the water resources and agriculture sectors of Cambodia, Dany Va, Bhishna Bajracharya, Loius Lebel, Michael Regan, and Ros Taplin

Building a global community. A mobile approach to language learning, Alicia Vallero

Building a global virtual community. The role of language learning in educating global citizens, Alicia Vallero, Beata Webb, and Lisa Pudsey

'Tweeting from court': New guidelines for modern media, Anne Wallace and Jane Johnston


The role of fear avoidance beliefs in return to work post-injury, Bruce Watt, Lucas Ford, Rebekah M. Doley, Sabrina Ong, Katarina Fritzon, Richard Hicks, and Tony Cacciola


Investigating the relationship between social support and durable return to work, Bruce Watt, Lucas Ford, Rebekah Doley, Sabrina Ong, Richard Hicks, Katarina Fritzon, and Tony Cacciola

Bilingualism in the classroom: European students in Australia, Beata Webb

University as a Global Educational Community. The role of an institution from an international student perspective, Beata Webb

Submissions from 2014

Vicarious Posttraumatic Growth: Predictors of growth and relationships with adjustment, Lisa Abel, Casie Walker, Christina Samios, and Larissa Morozow


South Asian regional cooperation: The India-Pakistan imperative, Samad Aftab

Effects of effluent contamination of wetlands on population level changes in Gambusia holbrooki., Midgley Alan, Shelley Burgin, and Adrian Renshaw


Emotion recognition and verbal and non-verbal memory changes among older adults: Is decline generalised or modular?, Victoria Alexander, Mark Bahr, and Richard Hicks


Emotional intelligence and optimistic cognitive style in certainty in career decision making, Victoria Alexander, Dee Bartrum, and Richard Hicks

Assessing differences in emotion recognition, non-verbal memory and verbal memory between young, middle and older adults., Victoria Alexander, Richard E. Hicks, and Mark Bahr

The evolution of environmental management as a profession in Australia and New Zealand, E. Anderson, W. Haylock, Tor Hundloe, S. R. Molesworth, M. L. Morris, J. Roper-Lindsay, P. R. Skelton, and J. Womersley


Public participation in planning in NSW: Resilient evolution or relapse?, Lynne Armitage and John Sheehan


Challenges and Opportunities to Develop a Smart City: A Case Study of Gold Coast, Australia, Bhishna Bajracharya, David Cattell, and Isara Khanjanasthiti

Supporting active and healthy living in master-planned communities: a case study, Bhishna Bajracharya, Linda Too, and Isara Khanjanasthiti

Can we fight stigma with science? The effect of aetiological framing on attitudes towards anorexia nervosa and the impact on volitional stigma, Amy Bannatyne and Lisa Abel

Educating medical students about Anorexia Nervosa: A potential method for reducing the volitional stigma associated with the disorder, Amy Bannatyne and Peta Stapleton


Emotional intelligence, peer attachment and career indecision, Dee Bartrum, Victoria Alexander, and Richard Hicks

A multifaceted, cultural approach to community engagement: Case studies in urban water management, Colin Berryman, Shelley Burgin, and Tony Webb


Mixed media visualization effect on student perceptions and learning outcomes, James Birt


Effect of mixed media visualization on learner perceptions and outcomes, James Birt and Dirk Hovorka

Understanding, experiences, and reactions to bullying experiences in boys with an autism spectrum disorder, Vicki Bitsika and Christopher F. Sharpley

Variation in the profile of anxiety disorders in boys with an ASD according to method and source of assessment, Vicki Bitsika and Christopher F. Sharpley

Which psychological resilience attributes are associated with lower aspects of anxiety in boys with an autism spectrum disorder? Implications for guidance and counselling interventions, Vicki Bitsika and Christopher F. Sharpley

The influence of gender, age, psychological resilience and family interaction factors upon anxiety and depression in non-autism spectrum disorder siblings of children with an autism spectrum disorder, Vicki Bitsika, Christopher F. Sharpley, and Rebecca Mailli

HPA and SAM axis responses as correlates of self- vs parental ratings of anxiety in boys with an Autistic Disorder, Vicki Bitsika, Christopher F. Sharpley, John Sweeney, and James McFarlane


Using Social Network Analysis to Evaluate Health - Related Adaptation Decision Making in Cambodia, Kathryn Bowen, Damon Alexander, Fiona Miller, and Dany Va

Mining Constructivism in the University: The case of creative mode, Jeffrey Brand, Penny de Byl, Scott J. Knight, and James Hooper


Vaclav Havel, Jan Patocka: The powerless and the shaken, Daniel Brennan

Dressed in irony: Advertising critique and the imagined consumer on The Gruen Transfer, Sven Brodmerkel

What works in therapeutic prisons: evaluating psychological change in Dovegate Therapeutic Community, Jennifer Brown, Sarah Miller, Sarah Northey, and Darragh O'Neill


Comparison of survey methods to profile participants in emerging adventure recreation activities undertaken in wilderness, Shelley Burgin and Nigel Hardiman


Maintaining competitive tourism advantage with reference to the Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Shelley Burgin and Nigel Hardiman


Mountain biking: An opportunity to enhance economic development in Australian rural areas?, Shelley Burgin and Nigel Hardiman


Unintended de-marketing manages visitor demand in Greater Blue Mountains World Heritage Area, Shelley Burgin and Nigel Hardiman

Feral deer in the suburbs: An emerging issue for Australia?, Shelley Burgin, Mariama Mattila, Daryl McPhee, and Tor Hundloe

The unintended consequences of government policies and programmes for public open spaces in inner-urban Sydney, Shelley Burgin, Cesidio Parissi, and Tony Webb


Community-based tourism - option for forest-dependent communities in 1A IUCN protected areas? Cameroon case study, Shelley Burgin and Eric Fru Zama

Brands and sociality: Alcohol branding, drinking culture and Facebook, Nicholas Carah, Sven Brodmerkel, and Lorena Hernandez


Designing and Planning Beach Precincts, Nigel Cartlidge


The beach precinct: Professional perspectives of their role and function, Nigel Cartlidge and Lynne Armitage


The oceanway, promenade or a smart transport route?, Nigel Cartlidge and Lynne Armitage

Building eco-social capacity to meet environmental crisis: A model accommodating perspectives of Western Sydney community groups, Tom Colley, Shelley Burgin, and Brenda Dobia

Designing for better building adaptability: A comparison of adaptSTAR and ARP models, Sheila Conejos, Craig Langston, and Jim Smith