'Reducing' Pacific languages to writings

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Muhlhausler, P. (2014). 'Reducing' Pacific languages to writings. In J.E. Joseph & T.J. Talbot (Eds.), Ideologies of Language (pp. 189-205). Abingdon, United Kingdom: Routledge.

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Extract: This chapter explores a number of sociolinguistic problems that have resulted from the introduction of literacy into the Pacific area here, prior to the arrival of the Europeans, some 3,000 languages were spoken. It is of course not possible to consider every single instance of lieracy in a chapter like this. Instead, I have opted to put before you some rather radical overgeneralizations and observations, hoping that these will evoke the criticisms I need for pursuing this topic, and that I have made my prejudices explicit enough for them to constitute testable hypotheses.

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