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Dellios, R., & Ferguson, R. J. (2017). The human security dimension of China’s belt and road initiative. Journal of Management and Sustainability, 7(3), 48-62.

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1925-4725 (print), 1925-4733 (online)


Despite the geopolitical calculations associated with China’s Belt and Road Initiative, and how this will allow Beijing greater influence in transregional relations, the human security dimension goes to the heart of China’s wider regional strategy. The importance of development cannot be understated even as the “rise of China” attracts the headlines. How well Beijing can engage wider human security concerns will be crucial for the success of this megaproject. It is argued that the human security aspect of China’s Belt and Road Initiative requires a stronger ethical base—one which draws on China’s own Confucian heritage. This allows for both cultural inclusiveness and the promotion of higher levels of trust towards Beijing’s policies and intentions.



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