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Patron, M-C. (2017). Preface. In M-C. Patron, R. Wildeboer, & A. Rokach (Eds.), Women and war: Opening Pandora's Box - Intimate relationships in the shadow of traumatic experiences (pp. vii-xvi). New York: Nova Science Publishers, Inc.

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Hardcover ISBN: 978-1-53610-665-7, E-book ISBN: 978-1-53610-678-7



In the words of Walt Disney in the film 'Saving Mr Banks': '[Like] George Banks, [the brave women authors of this book] will be honored, will be redeemed and will be saved in imagination. This is what story tellers do. We restore order with imagination, we instill hope again and again and again'. If we can instill hope in the hearts and minds of the women who have been deeply impacted by the traumas of WAR, then we can begin to envisage a brighter future. We wiIl thus have achieved our objectives in Women and War: Opening Pandora's Box. Hope, the last remaining force from Pandora's Box is surely our ally.

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