A blueprint for clean, green Australian agriculture

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Hundloe, T., Blasgrove, S., Cantwell, S., de Miranda, J., & Ditton, H. (2016). A blueprint for clean, green Australian agriculture. In T. Hundloe, S. Blagrove, & H. Ditton. ( Eds.), Australia’s role in feeding the world (pp. 243-251).Victoria: CSIRO Publishing.

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© Professor Tor Hundloe, Sarah Blagrove and Hannah Ditton 2016


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Introduction: Considerable territory has been covered in reaching the stage where we are ready to outline a blueprint. The nation's major agricultural (primarily food) sectors have been introduced with the aim of assessing their future in a world with a much larger population and corre¬ spondingly increased food requirements. We have looked far into the future, then on occa¬ sion taken the story back to European settlement of Australia to add perspective. Change can be rapid, slow or anywhere in between. It can be foreseen with a degree of certainty or simply appear out of the unknown. Looking back we now know that China, unexpectedly becoming a communist' capitalist country, doubled its gross domestic product on average every seven years. Its prosperity has fed much of Australia s growth in wealth in recent years. We know that Chinese growth will slow, but that there are a number of other developing countries with the same prospects for growth as China. Our farmed products won t be without newly wealthy consumers.

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