Conclusion: So, does secret diplomacy still "work"?

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Murray, S. (2016). Conclusion: So, does secret diplomacy still "work"?. In C. Bjola & S. Murray (Eds.), Secret diplomacy: Concepts, contexts and cases (pp. 229-241).

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After literally framing secret diplomacy this concluding chapter briefly summarises the findings of each of the previous chapters. It then relates these to the aims, questions and analytical framework raised at the outset of this book. For those interested in further theorising on the role secrecy plays or ought to play in diplomacy and international lelations research gaps and recommendations to policymakers are also suggested. This final chapter also relates to a common trend in diplomacy; the friction caused by changes in its operating environment, particularly the transgression from one era to another; the clash between the old and the "new", in other words. This juxtaposition between tradition and change is present in all periods of diplomacy, and the post-Cold War diplomatic environment is no exception. Contextualising the book's chapters against such a backdrop facilitates a neat return to the core question we posed at the outset: in the digital age with its emphasis on openness and transparency, does secret diplomacy still work or are we witnessing the "end of secrecy"?

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