Reimagining graduate employability

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Kinash, S. (2015, December). Reimagining graduate employability. Presentation at the Reimagine Education Conference, Philadelphia.

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The presentation outlines:

Project Rationale Unsatisfactory rate of graduate employment Graduate Careers Australia found less than 70% of undergraduates are employed full-time 4 months after graduation

Research Methodology What can universities do to improve graduate employability?

Surveys (705 Completed) Students Graduates Employers Higher education career development professionals and educators

Interviews In-depth interviews and focus groups completed with 147 people

Research Findings

1. The common definitions of employability must be expanded to acknowledge the importance of identity and to include making as well as taking careers

2. Universities can improve graduate employability but there are strong discrepancies between the four stakeholder groups as to which strategies are the most important and effective

3. Widespread agreement that graduates have heightened employability when their student experience represents both a strong disciplinary knowledge and broad based experiences

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