Challenges and difficulties of living in river deltas: A review of the major river Deltas in Asia and Africa

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Kazem, M. (2015).Challenges and Difficulties of Living in River Deltas. A Review of the Major River Deltas in Asia and Africa. Retrieved from http://www.grin.com/en/e-book/306464/challenges-and-difficulties-of-living-in-river-deltas-a-review-of-the.

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There is growing concerns owing the poor quality of life amongst the residents in the river deltas, particularly in the developing countries. In this paper, the current published researches have been investigated to classify the main outlined reasons of degradation of the life quality in the Asia and Africa's river deltas .The findings indicate that; although there is a common spectrum of similar reasons in both continents, but the importance sequences of the factors are dissimilar. In Asia, high population growth beside the extensive industrialization policies is threatening the river deltas. In contrast, in Africa, poverty and low level of adaptation capability have been mentioned as the main reasons exacerbating the impacts of climate change; a sequence of destructive factors that have reduced the life quality in the river deltas.

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