Building Cost Planning for the Design Team (3rd ed.)

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Smith, Jim, Jaggar, D M, Love, Peter & Olatunje, Oluwole. (2016). Building Cost Planning for the Design Team (3rd ed.). Oxon, England: Routledge.

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© 2016 Jim Smith, David Jagger, Peter Love and Oluwole Alfred Olatunji




Preface to third edition: Building is an activity that is often frustrating and rewarding at the same time. However, the one enduring characteristic is that it produces real things that society can use to create more wealth and well-being. If you could, pause for a moment. Can you imagine what the world will look like without buildings and infrastructures? No doubt, our beautiful cityscapes will reduce to a jungle. Such is the importance of the construction industry. We build the world. World economy and civilisation is defined by the progress made in the construction industry. Whilst a great deal of criticism is levelled at our industry (and some of it deserved), the central fact remains we do make a significant contribution to the economy by building new buildings of many kinds and converting and renovating propery of all kinds. Unfortunately the problems and disasters sem to receive all the attention in the media. However, a greater number of projects are well built, affordable and timely and they provide a source of pride for a long period of time to all the project participants, users and owners.

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