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Knapp, C., Nelson, J., & Kudless, A. (2015). Arclight. Poster presented at 8th International Conference and Exhibition of the Association of Architecture Schools of Australasia. 2-3 October, 2015. Christchurch, New Zealand

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Arclight is a lighting installation put on display as part of the Sydney Vivid festival in 2015. This spatial and atmospheric project brings the quality of architectural inhabitation and visceral experience to an urban festival through a biomimetic proposition emulating dense bundled systems found in the natural environment, such as Australian mangroves or Strangler Fig trees, using parametric tools and digital fabrication processes. The installation serves as a register of the nonhuman environment. Embedded LEDs parse an environmentally driven data set, which provides a dynamic ambient interaction rather than the direct sensing of human actions. The result is an experience for occupants which is fluctuating mysteriously and indicative of a context beyond immediate human comprehension.

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