Work and organizational psychology. Five volume set.

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Boyle, G. J., O'Gorman, J. G., & Fogarty, G. J. (Eds.). (2015). Work and organizational psychology. Five volume set. London: SAGE Publications.

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Work and organizational psychology is a branch of mainstream psychology which has truly global reach. This subject covers a broad array of aspects such as individual, team and organizational effectiveness, creativity and innovation, cross-cultural leadership and the organization of health services, healthcare and employee well-being.

In five thematic volumes, this collection brings together key papers on the topic, and together with the introductory chapters written by the Editor for each volume, is designed to serve the interests of psychology scholars, and also those involved in the social and behavioural sciences, more broadly.

Volume One: Research Methodology

Volume Two: Assessment and Selection

Volume Three: Organisational Change and Development

Volume Four: Human Resource and Performance Management

Volume Five: Emerging Trends

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